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Okay, prepare yourself for a LONG ASS rant, because this is a really sore subject for me and frankly I’m just sick and tired of stupid, judgemental people who wouldn’t know a good thing if it bit them in the ass :/ 

Beautiful Joon:
Has the most amazing smile.
Stutters adorably when he’s nervous.
Giggles when he makes mistakes on stage.
Flails when he’s excited and falls off chairs.
Has the cutest mole on his neck.
Is MBLAQ’s king of aegyo.
Has a kickass body, even if he is embarrassed to show it off. 
Sucks at math. A lot. 
Has some of the most amazing legs I’ve ever seen.
Is a fierce princess ballerina. 

Sensitive Joon:
Cried when he thought his members were mad at him.
Even when he was feeling upset, he still asked Joori if she was feeling okay (she was pretending to be sick for the Hidden Camera).
He asked Doongie if it hurt when he was shooting arrows at him even though Doongie was being cold to him.
It hurts him when people don’t like him.
He’s insecure about himself even though he’s handsome and amazing.
He always takes care of those around him.
Bongsun said out of all the members, Joon took care of her the most.
He’s very playful and tries to cheer people up.
When Seungho’s grandpa died, during their performance Joon gave him big hugs to cheer him up.
On Invincible Youth, when he was scared that the cast was fighting, he looked like he was going to cry.
He danced to lighten the atmosphere, even going so far as to make a fool out of himself so they would smile even though it was a hidden camera.
He’s innocent enough to not even think they might be playing a trick on him.
When he found out, he almost cried again he was so relieved they weren’t really fighting. 
He tries to make people smile all the time.
When Yoseob was crying on the radio, Joon made a silly comment to put a smile back on Yoseob’s face.
He says “I love you” without a thought, because he’s such a caring person.
To help his bandmate Cheondoong, who has awful nightmares, he sleeps with him and holds his hands to keep the bad dreams away.
He wants to be friends with everyone, even people in other groups.
When someone says they don’t like him, even though he pretends to pout, you can tell that it really affects him inside. 
He stutters when he’s nervous, because he’s afraid to say the wrong thing and make people upset or think badly of him.
When he’s on a show with girls, even though he’s afraid of them and even at the risk of being bombarded with hate mail, he’s always helpful and kind to them, a perfect gentleman. 
He may or may not be bi, but if he is then it just shows that he doesn’t care about outward appearances, only what’s on the inside. Love is love, and his heart is open to all.
He’s touchy feely, and is always holding his member’s hands or linking arms with them or hugging them, because he feels a need to be close to the people he loves.
Even when sick, he performed to make his fans happy and almost passed out.
He worked himself so hard he had to go to the hospital for a week to recover.
He stopped MCing for a show to put MBLAQ before his “solo” career.
He gets upset when people call him “stupid”, because even though he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, he isn’t an idiot. 


People criticize him, say he’s arrogant and shows off. But what do they know? They haven’t taken the time to look past his stage performances, his chic-dol image he puts on for the fans because according to his boss, abs > dancing. They say he brags about his body and the fact that he was in a Hollywood movie. If I had a body like that, I’d show it off too. There’s nothing wrong in being confident in your own skin, something that he’s obviously struggled with up until now. People don’t understand that confidence =/= arrogance. And he’s never the one to bring up the fact he was in Ninja Assassin. That’s all the interviewers and show hosts. And when they do bring it up, he’s always embarrassed to talk about it. People say “He tries to hard to be funny. What a spazz.” Have they ever thought that maybe he throws himself out there like that so that maybe people will look beyond his pretty face and see the wonderful, dorky person inside? That maybe he’s not “trying” to be funny, and that’s just his personality? Of course they don’t, because they’re so focused on his misconstrued “arrogance” and “bravado”. People see him in comercials and photoshoots with his shirt off or undone, and say “Wow, enough with the ab showing. Geez.” But it’s not like he’s the one that goes to the commerical makers or clothing magazines and says “Hey, can I take my shirt off for this?” No, /they’re/ the ones that know what a killer body he has and decide to use it for their benifit. People act like he walks around without a shirt on all the time. All he does is flash his abs during performances! It’s like 1 second each time he does it! And yeah, he’s been in a lot of photoshoots where his shirts been off, but no ones forcing you to stare at his body for a long time! I’m just sick and tired of people labeling him as arrogant and stuck up just because he shows his abs. It’s his freaking concept, for crying out loud. Off stage, he doesn’t act like that. Yeah, during shows he rips his shirt sometimes, but that’s in front of girls (who want to see it just as bad as we do) and solely for entertainment purposes. I mean, 3/4s of the variety shows broadcasting are scripted, is it such a strech to believe that /maybe/ the PD’s put that into the script? Ugh, I just… I just love this boy so freaking much, and I’m tired of all the hate he gets because he’s seriously such a sweetheart, and one of the most sensitive Kpop idols I’ve ever seen, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. *sigh* Well, my rant is over now. It’s like the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I honestly feel really sorry for the people who can’t see past his stage act into the warmness that is Lee Joon, because they’re missing out on something truly special. I’m so thankful that, even though I’ve never met him in real life and most likely never will (but God I hope I will), I found him, because he’s shown me that there are extrodinary people out there who can touch someone’s life even from afar :)


If you made it this far, I aplaud your dedication xD

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